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Monjibox Coffee Code Breaker
Brain Game & Clock

This is not simply an exquisite unique decoration, not simply a precise alarm clock, but mostly a great partner for a smart playful mind. You’ll need to use your logic and deduction skills to break out the code, using some hints provided by the game.

Made from first class quality material, the oak essence wood we use is over 10 years old.

The design is safe, the tubes not being directly exposed; they are protected by Plexiglas, allowing the clock to be exposed equally in homes with small children.

About the GAME

The original name of this game is “Bulls and Cows” and you might be familiar with the name and the game itself. Or Mastermind? It is an old brain game of code-breaking.
Playing “Code-Breaker” while having your coffee break could be an excellent way to reset your mind during a busy day. The wired remote control allows you to comfortably play it.
The objective is to guess the secret code using your logic and memory (but you can also use pen & paper to write down every single clue). All you have to do is to guess the 4 distinct digits number.

How to play

0. When in clock (normal) mode, attach the remote control and press simultaneously “*” and “#” keys;
1. After accessing the playing mode, the game will display “0000” and the first digit will blink;
2. Using the game 12 keys keypad, type a 4 digit number followed by the “#” key. You need to choose 4 different numbers, the game will not allow repeating the same number in one sequence; this means you cannot enter: 1123 or 1312, but you can use for example 1423, 5687, 9012…;
3. After entering 4 digit code, the display will show the 4 digits number and it will start giving you “the clues”, by turning on the colored lights as following:
– One green light for each right digit in the correct position
– One red light for each digit which is correct, but not in the right position
– No light for the wrong digits (in other words, if you haven’t guess any of the numbers, no light will be displayed).
For example if you see 1 green and 2 red lights, it means that 1 digit is correct and it is placed in the right position, 2 other digits are correct but not on the right position, while a 4th one (without any light) is a wrong number, which is not part of the code you need to break.
The lights’ position has nothing to do with tubes’ position. The light indication is only as number of greens (0..4) followed by number of reds (0..4), always from left to right, red lights following the green lights.
After memorizing these led clues (or writing them on a paper) press “#” and the display will be set again to “0000”, with the first digit blinking. Now you can play again from step 1, meaning that you can try another 4 digits number, this time based on the clues received before.
4. Repeat steps 1 to 4 until you win (guess the 4 digits and light up all the GREEN lights)
5. If you wish to pause the game, simply press simultaneous “*” and “#” and the game will return to the clock mode, by pausing the game; you can return to game mode using the same combination, the game will resume to the phase you were in;
6. If you wish to generate a new game, press simultaneous “*”,”#” and “0”, the game will generate randomly a new 4 digits combination. This “New Game” status will be shortly notified on the first LED in BLUE.
7. If you wish to silent the keypad, simply press simultaneous “4” and “*”, the first LED will shortly show BLUE light; to un-mute, use the same combination; switching to clock mode (“*”+”#”) and back to game mode will automatically un-mute the keypad.
8. To switch from Clock Mode to Game Mode – simultaneous push “*” and “#” keys; the game will save the current status and, when returned to game mode, will be the same stage (and of course secret number);
9. In the case of power loss, Clock Mode will be automatically selected, game secret number will be fresh generated.