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The majority of my clocks are based on custom design architecture including:
  • Specialized microcontroller running at 64MHz with dedicated and customizable software;
  • Double side factory PCB, some versions gold plated;
  • Timekeeping is based on a specialized extremely accurate Real-Time Clock with an integrated temperature-compensated crystal oscillator. Precision better than 1min/year! Or, in other words, max 1sec/week;
  • Built-in calendar until 2099;
  • The clock incorporates a battery for maintaining accurate timekeeping when main power of the device is interrupted (CR2032 in socket) , even for few months.
  • Cathode Anti Poisoning routine standard included slot machine effects 3 times/hour;
  • Boot testing of each digit for all tubes at start-up;
  • Stabilized high voltage for tubes, high efficiency power supply, low heat and long life;
  • Quality SMD components, low-esr capacitors;
  • Reverse polarity protection;
  • Power supply included: universal adapter 100-230V input, 12V stabilized output, included in the package, 2.1mm jack. For some countries socket adapter for outlet (not included) may be required. For EU/US specific adapter supplied;
  • Settings are based on a single button, Rotary Encoder (no end potentiometer). One single button, simple and intuitive, it is used for time, date and advanced parameters setting. Just push to select, rotate for up/down:
  • Electronics are tested for continuous at least 7 days before use in a final product.
These are universal features for all series (Jewel, Fantastic and Unique).
For some models additional settings or features can be customized, for example:
  • External GPS module – Haicom HI-206 PS2 model is recommended for high sensibility performance;
  • RGB controller with infrared or RF remote control;
  • User option to set 2-4 different hours intervals and custom brightness for these, including zero (meaning display OFF, for example when you are not at home);
  • Daylight Saving Time option for EU, US or disabled;
  • 12/24 hours format;
  • Leading zero display;
  • Date format: DD/MM/YY or MM/DD/YY.


Any questions are welcome.
If you have an idea, please send me a message,
Sometimes it’s easier that it seems!
Thank you!