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About the Clocks

The majority of my clocks are based on custom design architecture including:
  • Specialized microcontroller running at 64MHz with dedicated and customizable software;
  • Double side factory PCB, some versions gold plated;
  • Timekeeping is based on a specialized extremely accurate Real-Time Clock with an integrated temperature-compensated crystal oscillator. Precision better than 1min/year! Or, in other words, max 1sec/week;
  • Built-in calendar until 2099;
  • The clock incorporates a battery for maintaining accurate timekeeping when main power of the device is interrupted (CR2032 in socket) , even for few months.
  • Cathode Anti Poisoning routine standard included slot machine effects 3 times/hour;
  • Boot testing of each digit for all tubes at start-up;
  • Stabilized high voltage for tubes, high efficiency power supply, low heat and long life;
  • Quality SMD components, low-esr capacitors;
  • Reverse polarity protection;
  • Power supply included: universal adapter 100-230V input, 12V stabilized output, included in the package, 2.1mm jack. For some countries socket adapter for outlet (not included) may be required. For EU/US specific adapter supplied;
  • Settings are based on a single button, Rotary Encoder (no end potentiometer). One single button, simple and intuitive, it is used for time, date and advanced parameters setting. Just push to select, rotate for up/down:
  • Electronics are tested for continuous at least 7 days before use in a final product.
These are universal features for all series (Jewel, Fantastic and Unique).
For some models additional settings or features can be customized, for example:
  • External GPS module – Haicom HI-206 PS2 model is recommended for high sensibility performance;
  • RGB controller with infrared or RF remote control;
  • User option to set 2-4 different hours intervals and custom brightness for these, including zero (meaning display OFF, for example when you are not at home);
  • Daylight Saving Time option for EU, US or disabled;
  • 12/24 hours format;
  • Leading zero display;
  • Date format: DD/MM/YY or MM/DD/YY.


Any questions are welcome.
If you have an idea, please send me a request,
Sometimes it’s easier that it seems!
Thank you!

About the Cases

First class quality materials, wood are old stock natural dry, oak or walnut, insertions are copper or aluminum. Machine and manual workmanship put together for making unique design.

Please note that this is natural wood and not plastics. So natural that it will show small cracks, stubs, nodes and everything to prove it.

Sometimes we can use other type of wood, lacquerer solution or anything you need, please let me know if you are interested in a custom design.

Any questions are welcome.
If you have an idea, please send me a request,
Sometimes it’s easier that it seems!
Thank you!